Class of 2019

Meet the sisters from the class of 2019!



Lauren is a 2019 from Chicago, tentatively majoring in coding and circuits, and sister of AEPhi. When free from schoolwork she visits the Reverse Engineering club, searches for open piano rooms, naps, plays video-games, spends time in E-Entry with her friends and sisters, or otherwise hangs out in MacGregor as an available MedLink.








(Hidden) is originally from Ottawa, Canada. She's majoring in computer science (6-3). In her free time she likes figure skating and playing hockey. She loves baking, musical theatre, travelling, and drawing.






Mindy is a local 2019 born and raised in Boston. She is a Course 3 (Materials Science and Engineering) and also a member of UA Sustainability, working on composting in dorms. In her free time she enjoys watching Steven Universe and singing, or wandering into peoples' rooms to hug and cuddle them.






Sophie is a sophomore majoring in computer science (course 6). She’s on the varsity basketball team here at MIT and enjoys playing many sports, and has been involved with a variety of teams throughout her life. Sophie likes to eat food, watch Netflix, and loves her home, the greatest city in the world (shout out to Hamilton), New York.