Class of 2018

Meet the sisters from the class of 2018!



 Abigail is a course 6 from NJ. Her favorite activities include sitting around doing nothing and, on rare occasions, standing around doing nothing. When she is not doing either of those things, Abigail enjoys long walks down the infinite, juggling, watching movies and listening to music. Besides AEPhi, Abigail is involved in the Juggling Club and Hillel. However, most of her non-psetting time is spent making silly faces at people, particularly at her AEPhi sisters.



Hi, I’m Devany, a 2018 with a course 20 major with a 21M minor.  I’m very passionate about biomaterials and have a UROP in the Belcher Lab making new materials with genetically-engineered bacteriophage!  Outside of academics, I live in E entry in MacGregor, and I enjoy dancing ballet and playing my French horn in MITSO.  I am known for having too many purple things, drinking a lot of tea, ranting about biology (the mitochondria is so much more than just the powerhouse of the cell!), and sometimes bursting into song.    






Hello! I’m Marjorie and I’m a 2018 who lives in East Campus on floorpi (3W). I’m majoring in 10B and 7A, and I think biotechnology (specifically metabolic engineering and biomanufacturing) is really cool! I spend a lot of time in the lab and will blabber on and on about my research. I also really like to do sports/exercise things! I’m on MIT’s women’s ultimate frisbee team (sMITe), and I love to go running, go to the gym, and go rock climbing. I will definitely try new sports or go on random adventures if you ask me! On campus, I’m also involved with the MIT Energy Club and the MIT Biotechnology Group. Other things that I enjoy include reading (especially sci-fi/dystopia novels), eating free food, derping around floorpi, and being in AEPhi with all my amazing sisters :)







Hi there! I am Hiccup, also known as "Haley" sometimes. I study Women and Gender Studies, and spend some time messing around with computers. Outside of academics and AEPhi, I am involved with Tech Squares (modern square dancing club), the Student Information Processing Board (computing club), Hillel (Jewish group), and the Assassins Guild (live-action role-playing). Outside of these student groups, I like making crafts (sewing, cross stitching, knitting), climbing, and spending time with people I love and care about <3







Hi! I'm Laura and I'm a junior 6-3 who lives in New House (or at least I will until the stupid demolition crushes all of my dreams). I'm from New Jersey but originally Florida, and if you catch me during a particularly excited period I might slip into a southern accent. I bake when I'm stressed, to the benefit of my housemates! I really like musicals, but I can't sing or act so I do logistical things like stage managing instead. My biggest role model is (not so) secretly Justice (and sister!) Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I am passionate about left-handed tools and utensils, space, pockets in women's clothing, tea, and blueberries. tl;dr I have a lot of feelings. 




Hello, I’m Alexandria Velez! I am from the 305, know as Miami, Florida! I’m majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Course 6-2) and am living the solo life in MacGregor. When I have free time, I am usually watching anime, cooking, baking, or hanging out with my younger sister. Current status: eagerly waiting for winter break to see my adorable dogs again!