Class of 2017

Meet the sisters from the class of 2017!


I was told to deliver facts about myself, so here goes. I indeed am a 2017 in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  On the side, however, I love dancing, playing bass guitar, and telling stories.  I hope to make wearable devices that mean something, particularly with respect to mental health.  I just want art and science and people to get along...preferably in a really epic, superheroic way.





Emily is a senior studying computer science (course 6-3) and minoring in French. She is currently the chapter president as well as the Community Service Chair! Outside of AEPhi, she loves to sing with her a cappella group, the MIT Muses, and play music on her flute and guitar.






Joanna is a 2017 studying mechanical engineering in hopes of one day transforming into a fully fledged designer. She's interested in baking and all things food. She dreams of traveling the world and hanging out with her sisters. She is also secretly a potato.





Joie is an architecture student, course 4 (a rare breed at MIT), who used to haunt the fourth floor studios. She loves drawing, writing, cooking, playing video games, and traveling across the world. Her current obsession is with sequential art and children’s cartoons. She is also the President of the Women's Volleyball Club and has a proud setter soul. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧  






Hi my name is Steph and I am a sparkly trash bag. My hobbies include puppies; kitties; procrastinating all of my work; coming up with ideas for stories and video games and never, never writing them down; forgetting how grammar works; accidentally getting myself way, way, waaaaaaaay too involved in theater; admiring how adorable my sisters are; getting headaches; making bad life choices; questioning my life choices; having the best phamily line #adoraderp2016 #fitemeirl; and forgetting how to do basic human things.