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Interested in joining AEPhi, and/or finding out more about sororities at MIT?

Informal Recruitment is the primary means that AEPhi as a sorority gains new members. It consists of a series of low-key, fun events open to all unaffilated, self-identified women and non-binary individuals, and is spread out over the first few weeks of the semester. We hold informal recruitment at the beginning of both the fall and the spring semesters. 

Here's a sample of last semester's recruitment events:

If you're interested or have any questions at all be sure to contact us!

Other sororities on campus participate in Formal Recruitment, which takes place at the beginning of the school year each fall, and is open to all unaffilated women. Each woman who goes through recruitment is assigned a Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor (PRC) who will guide her through the process. Each PRC is an unbiased sorority member from one of MIT's seven sororities, who has temporarily dissaffiliated to be better able to discuss and answer questions about recruitment or sororities in general. She is there to act as a counselor, adviser, and friend. On a practical note, this means that occasionally there will be photos on the website where a sister's face is covered with a giraffe graphic; this sister's face is covered because she is acting as a PRC and therefore we can't reveal her identity.